Teknisi Listrik (Proyek Oki Mill Plant)

PT. Exabb Energy Nusantara was established in 2000 with core business in making relay control panel and low voltage switchgear / motor control center. With core team which was coming from large multinational company in electrical engineering, our company has proven to distinguish itself with strong engineering and expertise to provide our customer with a solution in electrical engineering.

Today, as our company is entering the new chapter and in order to cater to the growing range and complexity of needs of our customers,  PT Exabb Energy Nusantara diversified the business to provide more comprehensive approach to other fields such as MV products & switchgear, power electronic, power quality and also busduct for MV/HV application.

We also realized that there is a demand for electrical network and protection study, engineering design services in electrical network, and also field & commissioning services. All of these are also added to our portfolio of our product and services.

Now, PT Exabb Energy Nusantara has an even stronger team and trained workforce, providing customers with more quality engineering and services JOB DESCRIPTION :
  • Memelihara instalasi Listrik
  • Memastikan dan mengecek seluruh perangkat dan peralatan listrik
  • Melakukan perbaikan jika ada kerusakan

  • Usia maksimal 40 tahun
  • Pendidikan minimal SMK Jurusan Teknisi Listrik (Arus Kuat)
  • Pengalaman kerja minimal 2 tahun dibidang yang sama
  • Memahami mengenai perkabelan (wiring), instalasi listrik, panel listrik, & diesel dengan baik
  • Kooperatif, inisiatif, integritas, dan dapat bekerja sama secara individual maupun team
Kirim surat lamaran lengkap selambat-lambatnya 2 minggu setelah iklan ini ke:
PT Exabb Energy Nusantara,
Taman Tekno BSD, Blok A2 No 33, Serpong, Tangerang


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